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Zaffet Joseph Entertainment

At Zaffet Joseph Entertainment, we provide the highest level of customer service and quality of entertainment. Our commitment is to provide excellence for you and your guests, ensuring that good times are had by all!

Our Founder & Director, Joseph Toma, has had a lifelong passion for performing, utilizing his unique and creative personality. After years of performing, Joseph took a step forward to change the Zaffa industry in Metro Detroit.

It’s All About You and Your Event!

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Our Mission

Metro Detroit based Zaffet Joseph Entertainment provides music and fun for private and corporate events.


Whatever you are looking for, Zaffet Joseph will provide it for your event. Live bands, confidently led by world-class singers...


Complimentary consultations are available at our office, with social distancing practices in place. If you or a loved one are uncomfortable.

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Most Popular Entertainment Group

Our shows and performances have maintained an unparalleled reputation for their outstanding and unmatched quality. After establishing our label, Zaffet Joseph Entertainment quickly became one of the most popular and well-respected entertainment groups in the industry.

What should you look for?

A company that is reputable, experienced and will tailor to all events whether they're private or corporate.

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Entertainment that you want to have at your event

Whether it’s a live band, singers, drummers, saxophonist, specialty performers, your choices are unlimited and can easily be tailored to you and your event.

When working with ZJ Entertainment, we create entertainment choices based on a variety of factors including location, amount of guests and theme of your event. This helps us create the perfect package to tailor to your event!

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We are always here to assist

We have special agreements with a large network of vendors including limo services, photographer, videographers, event planners and so much more! Feel free to inquire during your consultation.

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